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September 20, 2018

Upload to Interest Radar your notes.csv file, available for download in LendingClub, and see all the relevant financial statistics of your loans.

Your portfolio page will also keep track of changes in your portfolio over time, as often as daily, every time you upload an updated notes file.

All data uploaded to Interest Radar is kept completely private for your use only. We do not sell or share for any reason.

Available to registered users only.

Automation Tools
  • Keep your Interest Radar profile updated with Auto Upload Portfolio (notes.csv) in the Accounts page
  • Let Interest Radar invest based on your filter with Auto Invest (BETA)
  • Sell your undesirable notes with Auto Sell (BETA)
For bug reports, feature requests and customer support, please e-mail us at webmaster@interestradar.com.

Link your Interest Radar account to your Lending Club account to enable features like Auto Invest, Auto Sell, Collection Log monitoring and more.

Available to registered users only.

Set your e-mail preferences here, such as what alerts to receive and the frequency of the alerts.

Available to registered users only.

Use the most advanced tool currently available in the internet to slice and dice all LendingClub history of loans issued, to find which borrower attributes are key to determining lending risk.

This powerful application will also calculate for you the cash flow of payments, display current loans available for investment, or find loans you have notes for based on advanced filters.

Available to registered users only.

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