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Interest Radar is where serious peer-to-peer investors find all the information about current opportunities in LendingClub loans. Here you will find the high interest loans with lower risks, based on statistical analysis instead of anecdotal perception.

With our statistical tools and easy to use interface, you'll be able to design your own strategies or apply one of our predefined models. Aggressive preset strategies range from over 15% to more than 20% return rates — net of loss rates —, and the moderate strategies range from around 10% to over 16%.

Interest Radar will also help you keep track of the notes you invested in, from the moment you selected the loan until it's paid off. Never worry about picking the same loan twice, and enjoy the peace of mind of our automatic track of vintages by strategy.

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News - 6/7/2015

I'm very pleased to announce a new partnership between Interest Radar and BlueVestment (www.bluevestment.com). BlueVestment has been in the peer to peer lending market since 2013 and is growing rapidly. With this merge we expect to become the fastest and most comprehensive P2P Analytics and Automation service on the internet, marking the beginning of an exciting new phase. As our valued customer, you will now benefit from the combined expertise of the people behind both companies.

The Plan
In two to three months we will start merging the two websites, bringing to BlueVestment the additional features currently available on Interest Radar. Once full functionality has been achieved on the BlueVestment platform, the Interest Radar website will be discontinued.

What Changes Now
For now, nothing changes for you. The Interest Radar site will still offer all of the features it always has, and will continue to be available until the merger with BlueVestment is complete. Your current subscription will be fully honored, regardless of the implementation timeline.

Thank you for being a valued user and for supporting Interest Radar. I hope that you share with me the excitement of this news.

See our full press release here.

Upload to Interest Radar your notes.csv file, available for download in LendingClub, and see all the relevant financial statistics of your loans.

Your portfolio page will also keep track of changes in your portfolio over time, as often as daily, every time you upload an updated notes file.

All data uploaded to Interest Radar is kept completely private for your use only. We do not sell or share for any reason.

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Use the most advanced tool currently available in the internet to slice and dice all LendingClub history of loans issued, to find which borrower attributes are key to determining lending risk.

This powerful application will also calculate for you the cash flow of payments, display current loans available for investment, or find loans you have notes for based on advanced filters.

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Browse our list of predefined strategies to meet your investments goals, that aim to select the most safe borrowers in the high-return loan classes. Review the interest rate, average loss rate in the past, and decide if you want to add the strategy to your personal list of strategies.

You can always modify these strategies any way you want to better suit your needs, and save a private version just for you.

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Link your Interest Radar account to your Lending Club account to enable features like Auto Invest and Auto Sell.

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